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Foto: Edgar Sandoval

Nothing was ever the same again after the day when that letter arrived. The previous night my friend Adam told me that, according to Physics, the Universe was made of energy strings vibrating constantly. –The whole Universe is music! If only I could listen to it all the time- I said.

And then that morning there it was. The letter only had a single line: “Understanding wishes is the tough part”. It did not make any sense to me. As I went downtown I began to realize. The usually crowded streets were now full of notes instead of people. A bunch of B minors and D’s walking down the streets. There was no chatting, just music coming out of everything.

At first, I was thrilled about it, but after a while it became annoying. I could barely concentrate with all that noise. It was driving me crazy. And then I could finally figure it out. I started missing silence, the only place where I was now isolated from. I had totally lost myself.